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“Tudo aquilo que me rodeia é reflexo do que sou"

Mag Magrela, Brazil

U$ 300 + tax and shipping


11.7 x 16.50 " | 29.7 x 42 cm;


Fine art printing on Canson Photo Matte paper 200 gr.

This is one print of 20 units (not numbered, plate signature)


  About the artwork  

This work by Mag Magrela, is entitle in English, "Everything that surrounds me is a reflection of what I am".  It is a personal expression by the artist in which she depicts a female figure looking  directly at the viewer while she is radiating a type of magical encounter with the ethereal and the intangible.


Mag illustrates the creative, instinctive and playful life with colors and other abstract figures going through in this perspective of the human psyche. The circular image that surrounds the woman, reminds us of the cycle of life, day and night, the beginning and the ending- the eternal continuity. She is serene as she understands the duality of life and that whatever you attract on the outside is a reflection of what is on the inside.  

 About the artist 

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Carolyna Barbara Maciel is a graffiti artist, painter, sculptor and singer, including assemblages, embroidery, and tiles. Carolyna, who also goes by the name Mag Margrela, stands out for her work with graffiti, characterized by female figures which express melancholy, intimacy and spirituality.  She grew up in the neighborhood of Vila Madalena, a center of creativity in São Paulo, Brazil, and has been painting since 2007.  She began her art career by taking a three month long graffiti tutorial with Rui Amaral, who was one of the founders of Brazilian street art. This was the opening of a portal into the art world for her and she has never looked back.  Her work has been shown in The Huffington Post, StreetArtNews and Street Art NYC, to name a few. Also, she is part of a feature-length documentary called ‘Street Heroines’, a documentary focused on female street artists.

Photo by Digital Brazil Project

"Tudo aquilo que me rodeia é reflexo do que sou" is in New York City and it can be viewed in person, by appointment. Please don’t hesitate to send us an email to:


With the sale of "Tudo aquilo que me rodeia é reflexo do que sou" a contribution will be made in favour of Birico Project*, in São Paulo, Brazil: (

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