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Which Beat, 2020

Paulo Govea, Brazilian

US$ 3,000 + tax and shipping

61 x 43" | 154.9 x 109.2 cm
Acrylic on Canvas
Original and Unique artwork

About the Artwork  

Which values do you follow? With this question, Paulo Govêa presents us with a political work marked by the murder of George Perry Floyd Jr. on May 25th, 2020 in Minneapolis (USA). With this Black figure with a face marked by scarification, Paulo puts us at the forefront of the Brazilian reality where racial violence is part of Brazilian daily life, and yet we assume a relaxed posture, almost paralyzed, but where scars reside.


This art is a criticism of the Brazilian people who are influenced by what happens in the United States or Europe but do not manifest when the same violence happens in Brazil. The act of revolt is not the problem itself, but two questions need to be addressed: when does this revolt happen and where does it come from? Paulo Govêa's call to action remains, "Always rebel when someone is a victim anywhere!"

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