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Pregnant Indian, 2021

Cris Barreto

U$ 800 + tax and shipping


20 x 24" , 51 cm x 61 cm


Oil on canvas 
Stretched Frame


  About the artwork  

“In art, revelations are intuitive. Unplanned.”


Chris Barreto brings her maternal Tupi roots from the tribes of Espírito Santo (Brazil) where body painting and performance are closely aligned. After twenty years of living in New York, Chris has acquired a style that encompasses her Indian ancestral links and the influence of New York Pop Art. 

'Pregnant Indian' is almost a more futuristic version of another work by the artist from fifteen years ago, where an Indian man is represented in the same position and with similar tattoos. The rounded, symbolic figures on the Indian's slender arms are a pictorial version of what the artist calls circulares rabisgráficos (doodling circulars) - graphics used in painting as a psychographic that has become the artist's signature.

Pregnant Indian .JPG

 About the artist 

Throughout her career, she influenced the fashion world with her creations and in the '90s Chris was in the Rio de Janeiro-São Paulo axis, being one of the pioneers of the Fashion Art-Mercado Mundo Mix movement. Her international career took off when Madonna used one of her wearable art pieces on her tour of Maracanã-RJ and, since then, the artist has participated in several New York Fashion Weeks (NYFW) and museum exhibits such as the Guggenheim and The Museum of Natural History in NY. Her very particular characteristics as a multimedia artist led her to exhibit in Europe as well. Chris Barreto currently lives between Brazil and USA, and her art is available for sale and appreciation in SP, NYC, and the world NFT market ( Chris brings an international and modern flavor prepared in a typical Brazilian cauldron and with generous doses of creativity, restlessness and freedom.


”Looking at Chris’s work reminds me of the African and Taino visual culture with opaque tribal influence. In addition, you can see she has acculturated NYC Street Arts/Graffiti in her technique. I have never really seen a style like this. The combination of cultures compiled together is like the Olympics, the best of all worlds.” - Phil Murphy, Art Dealer/Rep 

Pregnant Indian is in New York City and it can be viewed in person, by appointment. Please don’t hesitate to send us an email to:


With the sale of Pregnant Indian a contribution will be made in favour of @projetovoltandoaescola 

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