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Inner peace, 2020


U$ 300 + tax and shipping


36 x 32.5'',  91.44 x 82.44 cm


Oil on canvas

  About the artwork  

“The power that art has to calm us down and to soothe us”. This is what Célio's work, Inner Peace (Paz Interior), offers us. Made during the pandemic when the world stopped involuntarily, Célio goes directly in search of a deeper connection with himself in the face of global chaos.


Using spray paint and acrylic paint, he reminds us of what he calls 'contemporary organicity,' the organic vibrations of colors and what they represent in his art - the human being. For Célio, the tonalities and their vibrations have the power to act in every moment of our lives: blue translates to the sky that covers us like a mantle; lilac leads us to spirituality; and red to our passions and earthly condition. Inner Peace is life in movement as well as the meeting of lines that are associated with veins and arteries.


With this subtle work, Célio remains faithful to his art and mission as an artist, "Art is my religion, my body is my temple. Painting is my salvation."


 About the artist 

Célio began his trajectory in Street Art in 2004 in the city of Guarulhos, São Paulo, exploring the language of letters in graffiti art. A lover of abstract art, his words were translated more as an undefined composition. In 2016, in search of finding himself as an artist, he joined the group of contemporary art studies at Walter “Tinho” Nomura's studio, where began research into organic colors, lines, and shapes. Célio began to explore the Color Field – a style of abstract painting that emerged in New York in the 40s and 50s, where color breaks free from the objective context and becomes the subject in itself. Within this line of thought and technique, for Célio, the use of colors became as if he were talking about the human personality.


“My painting is the relationship between human beings and color. The affective memory we have with color”.


Célio's constant dialogue remains present in his body of work and constantly deepens the reflection on how to live in our community and personal spaces and on how to let ourselves be led by the natural development of things.

Currently, Célio's work has been highlighted in the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and Switzerland. Célio is also the creator and curator of the Voltando à Escola project, which has had a social impact in more than 50 schools in Brazil with more than 200 collaborating artists. Learn more @projetovoltandoaescola

Inner Peace is in New York City and it can be viewed in person, by appointment. Please don’t hesitate to send us an email to:


With the sale of Inner Peace a contribution will be made in favour of @projetovoltandoaescola 

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