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Onça Queimada (Burnt Jaguar), 2020

MUNDANO, Brazilian ARTivist 

Double-sided reinterpretation of the R$50 reals bill

Permanent markers on paper

39.5x17 cm or 15”x 6.5”

Original, historic and unique work

Series: #worldlyreview

US$ 3,000 + tax and shipping

Reinterpretation of the Brazilian 50 reals paper Banknote currency. The artwork was inspired by the environmental disaster which arose out of the burning of the Pantanal Swamp in 2020. This original and unique work is an outraged shout-out by the artist concerning the burning of the Pantanal that, in this year alone, has already consumed 25% of this unique biome. The Pantanal Swamp is a massive area in the western central part of Brazil, which is bounded by  Bolivia and Paraguay.  There have been more than  2.3 million hectares of forest fires.  “Enough of self-destruction and of letting things slide” was one of the themes of Mundano’s campaign.  


The Jaguar that inspired this artwork miraculously survived the Pantanal fire and you can see the video of her story here:    @sospantanal


This historic work was acquired on August 20th, 2020 through an auction promoted by the artist/activist Mundano on his instagram, @mundano_sp. All of the proceeds were donated to @sospantanal to help control the fire. This assistance was utilized in the purchasing of fire fighting equipment and  by helping to feed the animals that survived the devastation. What will  be needed in the future is assistance in restoring the biome that has been destroyed in the Pantanal. 


@mundano_sp is a Brazilian street artist and activist = ARTivist whose bold and colorful arts are a call to people’s attention to social, environmental and political issues. He is the founder of the movement to make the work of trash collectors in Brazil visible: @pimpmycarroca and “Cactus and Resistance Planter” @catakiapp. Mundano is part of the NGO Ashoka, TED Fellow, founder and awarded in the area of public art, human rights, creativity and digital innovation.


Onça Queimada is in New York City and can be viewed in person, by appointment. You can also make your best offer to buy this unique work. Please send an email to


The sale of this original and iconic artwork will be divided to: 1. NY only theater company and 2.  @pimpmycarrroca  3.

Instagram: @mundao_sp (movement to provide a vital service that benefits all recycle/junk collectors, from nearly invisible as they roam the streets through technology, art and support)

@catakiapp (app to call a nearer recycle/junk collectors)

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