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Nicholas J Broughton, born in Mali, living in Australia

Red Favela, 2018

Original Oil and acrylic with bitumen 

60 cmx42 cm or 23 in x 16 in 

Signed lower right

US$ 5,000 + tax and shipping

Click in the photo to enlarge

This is an original painting by Nicholas Broughton.  It depicts a Brazilian favela, a type of shantytown, giving the realistic feel of marginalized people living life as best they can, squeezed together and almost living on top of each other.  The work, however, also renders a sense of freedom and gaiety in the inhabitants. People living in a favela are associated with financial hardship, but they are rich in spirit.  As is common in real life, the favela is perched on a mountain side and each house has TV antennas, telephones, and other modern appliances, most of which are not exactly obtained on the up and up.  But, the people have to live somewhere and it is here where they use their imaginations to make life bearable given the monetary restrictions.  Life here is lived to its fullest with the sun bathing this favela world with light and warmth.   


Nicholas Broughton now lives in Australia, but his painting DNA comes from the years he lived in Brazil.  In his teenage years he was fascinated by the people who lived in the favelas of Brazil.  These are dirt poor people who co-opted land in which to raise their families.  Broughton has captured the essence of the people and brings their situation to life in this original work.  To create this work he used bitumen as a base to highlight the colorful cityscape.  Broughton is by now an experienced and innovative artist whose work is known worldwide.  He is featured in youtube videos and his work is sold in galleries from London to New York to Rio to Sidney. He is truly an international artist.  


This original work, Red Favela, is located  in New York City and it can be viewed in person, by appointment. Please don’t hesitate to send us an email to:


A donation will be made to the IPTI - Research Organization for Technology and Innovation INC:


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