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Garden Dance (Balada), 2003-2017

Cecilia Andre

Original and Unique artwork

20 x 24” or 51 cm x 61 cm

Rice paper prints and oil on canvas

Originally titled “Pink Fog”.  The work was in transition with added features over a 14 year period of creation

Price: US$ 650.00 + tax and shipping

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Garden Dance speaks of the importance of Carnival to the Brazilian soul.  The vibrant colors move through the pictorial space in areas of scribbling with scratch marks.  Significant changes were made over a long period giving the painting visible transparent layers.  Deep purple lines were made by squeezing the paint tube directly onto the canvas. Pieces of prints on rice paper adhered to the canvas background.   


Cecilia André is a painter from a family of Lebanese immigrants who settled in Brazil. She has lived and worked in New York since 1991. She has a BFA and a BAE from FAAP in São Paulo. In the US, she has studied at the New York Studio School, Pratt Institute, and School of Visual Arts. She has had solo exhibitions at Gallery OneTwentyEight in the Lower East Side, Plaxall Gallery in Long Island City, and Bellas Artes Gallery in St. Louis, MO. She has participated in four editions of the NYC Figment Arts Festival on Governors Island with outdoor installations and made numerous outdoor pieces for two residency programs in Brazil: Instituto Baia dos Vermelhos and Artfarmproject. 


Cecilia was recently invited to create artwork for the Queens Botanical Garden in a  project developed as  part of the AnkhLave Garden Fellows Program. For this event, Cecilia produced art that attached to trees in the Garden, allowing incidental sunlight to traverse color transparencies, which projected whimsical shadows onto the ground. Now she is exhibiting indoors at the Queens Botanical Garden, in a show entitled  “On the Inside Looking Out”. The exhibition runs from January 22 to April 4 and the idea is to display relics from the initial exhibit along with new and continued explorations that are in conversation with the original public works. You can see 3 of Cecilia’s installations through glass, even from the outdoor of the main building: Flying Fish, Puzzle  and Follow the River.  


A donation will be made to the with the sale of this art.


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Garden Dance is in New York City and can be viewed in person, by appointment. Please send us an email to


Cecilia Andre website:  instagram: @cecilia_andre_art

Queen Botanical Garden exhibition:  

Ankhlave organization website:

Film about her first project:

Artwork in Nature Brings Colored Shades and Expressions of the Feminine Craft of the Past in Nature Brings Colored Shades and Expressions of the Feminine Craft of the Past

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