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Emptiness Ocean, 2019

Migue Monti

U$ 2.500 + tax and shipping


23.5 x 34.5" | 59.69 x 87.63 cm


Spray, acrylic on canvas

  About the artwork  

“Everything I express is in some way born from silence. Just like music in an intuitive entirety, I play with several languages. I follow my internal Guide, the divine manifested as a creative act. My work is charged with the experience of emptiness, the reality of emptiness.”


This work is undoubtedly a break from a formal past; a burst of the abundant feeling of freedom from a previous period of realism and rigidity that strives for perfection. The line present in Migue Monti’s work is Sumi-e Art (a form of expression of Zen masters), in which single-brush painting is used, with the main characteristic of not correcting "errors.' In fact, there are no errors. Instead, there is a form of expression of consciousness at the present moment. By means of the "non-mind"- accessing the silence that is pure, complete, without history and without content. Empty. 


“Rather than being an artist, I prefer to be ‘nothing’”. 

In Emptiness Ocean, at the center of the canvas, the Zen symbol represents the natural state of being—nirvana. The presence of the symbol of emptiness is crucial in the composition. This work is certainly influenced by Jackson Pollack—the dropping of paint upon canvas and the relinquishing of control.  It allows the escape from intellect and the kind of expression that is the essence of Zen.

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 About the artist 

“We all have the potential to use this tool (art). It exists within each one, it is not exclusive to me or to a select group”. Migue feels that art is an enormously powerful tool that allows access to the consciousness of unity and, thus, illuminates that which we ignore about ourselves. “Art is liberty, it’s the child being themselves, without concepts, in unity. My paintings come from this place, my creative process is very intuitive, it comes from everyday life, from the exchange of ideas, from travel experiences, but overall and mainly from silence.” Monti does not see himself as an artist because for him, art is something subtle and unexplainable, and, in his view, what he does is ‘very social’. For him, art is more than a means of expression. It is a form of revolution and a connection with existence. 


Born in Tucumán, Argentina, Migue Monti spent his childhood in Madrid, Spain, where he had his first encounters with painting. Later, back from Europe, he abandoned undergraduate studies in psychology in favor of extensive backpacking experiences throughout South America. In 2017 he graduated with a degree in Language and Literature from the University of Estácio de Sá in Rio de Janeiro. Monti works in a variety of media and modes of artistic expression: painting, photography, poetry, collage, ceramics, mosaic, sculpture, graffiti, and macramé. His artistic production is a reflection of all of his cultural exchange experiences in South America, Europe, and Asia, and it takes two defined directions: One, its social content, directed at workers in their everyday life, in Street Art,  movement of life in all its poetic spontaneity as well as its oppressive manifestations. The second direction is spiritual. A kind of research toward self-understanding through meditation and yoga. With inspiration from photography and street art, and with work sold in Portugal, India, France, Peru, Spain, the United States, Argentina, and Brazil, Miguel does not define art, he simply makes use of it as a way to access the depths of being.  


"Imposed and hegemonic society ponders intellect to the detriment of our intuition. By disconnecting from ourselves, we are more susceptible to being dragged along by this alienating whole that wants us asleep".

Pregnant Refugees is in New York City and it can be viewed in person, by appointment. Please don’t hesitate to send us an email to:


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