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Jacson Vogel

Original Watercolor, signed by the artist and dated in the lower right hand corner.

Image size:   32 cm x 24 cm or   12.5 in x 9.5 in

US$ 350 + tax and shipping.  

Click in the photo to enlarge

Castelo (Castle) is a surrealistic portrayal of a Monument Valley-like scene with an exploding night sky.  The monochromatic brown of the desert is in sharp contrast to the dazzling sky that envelopes in colours from above. As to the nature of Mr. Vogel’s work, it can be safely stated that it is surrealistic in nature and what you see is what you want to see.  Here the castles rise like mountains straight from the desert floor, bringing feelings of elevation, power and majesty to the viewer.  Mountain Peaks that climb skyward like the ramparts of ancient fortresses.  


This image can be also seen @aquarelafineart


Jacson Vogel, the artist, is from Petropolis, a city in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro.  He has been in the arts all of his adult life, working first as the curator of an art gallery and then as a still photographer for movies and TV.  As a photographer Mr. Vogel produced countless images that were printed in Rolling Stone Magazine, most of his work was preserving the heartbeat of various music festivals.  Mr. Vogel then began his life as a watercolorist.  He honed his skills in the studio of Alberto Kaplan and now dedicates his professional life to producing watercolor paintings of the finest quality. 


He has exhibited at Art Basel, Miami; “Mostra Tua Arte” in Belem do Para, Brazil as well at numerous shows in many parts of South America.  In “Mostra Tua Arte”, his watercolors, and the art of 25 other artists, were projected on the facade of a building via a projector.  This enabled many people to participate in the art show without being inside and at risk for the Covid-19 virus.  This exhibition was an enormous success and has been discussed worldwide. 


See images of the night of Feb 13, 2020 here:


Castelo is in New York City and can be viewed in person, by appointment. Please send us an email to


A donation will be made to the  “Maria de Lurdes Silva Bortolo Children Day Care House”, in Espirito Santo, Brazil, with the sale of this print: 


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