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Baião de Dois, 2020

Felipe Risada

U$ 200 + tax and shipping


16.5 x 11.8" | 42 x 29.7 cm

Fine art printing on Canson Photo Matte paper 200 gr.

This is one print of 20 units (not numbered, plate signature)


  About the artwork  

In one sense of the word, Baião is a type of music & dance from northeast Brazil. Baião de Dois is also the name of a classic northeastern Brazilian dish made with a base of rice and beans, with the addition of spices and beef.


 To the viewer, this painting is an homage to the people who live in northeastern Brazil. Baião de Dois was part of a project called Birico, which brought together over 40 artists to assist downtrodden people by selling artworks.  The word birico, in Brazilian Portuguese, refers to the drug known as crack which is usually divided in two as a strategy of survival and solidarity amongst those who have few, if any, financial resources and must find their way to survive. These people for the most part live in downtown São Paulo in an area known as Cracklandia (Cracolândia). The project’s idea is to work to help raise these people up from their poverty, in order for them to have a better life for themselves and their children. 


“I like to make the simplest possible stroke… a minimalistic synthesized stroke and rescue the simplicity in the drawing… Like a pictogram. I believe that beauty is in the simple, less is more.”


Felipe Mendes Ferreira, mostly known as Felipe Risada, is a graffiti artist and graphic designer, whose art can be seen in the streets of São Paulo (Brazil). He works with latex applied with a paint roller, with the thick black outlining of figures being his “signature look”. On much of his street art, Risada paints stylized versions of animal or human scowls, known as carrancas, commonly seen on the prow of the river boats used in the region. These very much resemble the bow of Viking warships.


“My school was comics, Robert Crumb, Angeli, Manara, Laerte, Revista Animal and Revista Chiclete com Banana… The paintings of native peoples from all over the planet, ancestral inhabitants, rock art, caves, tribes. All of this influenced and still influences me… it's always an illusion to think about the future… I don't know where I will be or how, but I intend to make a living doing what I love: drawing!”

Birico Surrealista is in New York City and it can be viewed in person, by appointment. Please don’t hesitate to send us an email to:


With the sale of Birico Surrealista a contribution will be made in favour of Birico Project*, in São Paulo, Brazil: (

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 About the artist 

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