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Radical Recycling - MTV Style Pimp my Carroça

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

No, it’s not Xzibit’s latest reality TV project--but you can bet he would love what Brazilian graffiti “artivist” Mundano has created for the catadores of his country. Catadores, or trash collectors, are responsible for 90% of all recycling efforts in Brazil, utilizing a two-wheeled cart known colloquially as a carroça. The work is grueling and undertaken by invisible heroes, emerging from social inequality and unemployment. Mundano’s crowdfunded project decorates and repairs the carroças with messages such as “I am truly an environmentalist” and “Recycle your habits”, and also offers healthcare and hygiene services to the catadores and their families. As part of his effort to humanize these workers, Mundano has gone to great lengths to change the name of their occupation from ‘trash collectors’ to ‘recycling professionals’. With the launch of the Cataki app to make recycling easier, safer and more profitable, Mundano remains committed to increasing the visibility of these essential, once disrespected workers. Mundano is a TED fellow and channels social, environmental and political issues.

@catakiapp (locates the nearest recycling professional)


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