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The Gemeos: The Twin's Street Art Unique Fantasyland

The brothers Pandolfo are globally known graffiti artists from Brazil. They are known professionally as Os Gemeos, which translates in English to "Twins". Os Gemeos have become so popular because they possess a singular allure in cultures around the world, inspiring urban legends and folk tales alike. Since their childhood in the streets of Cambuci, a traditional working-class neighborhood in Sao Paulo, Brazil, they have created and explored as one person, sharing a fantastic secret world all their own. Their work has been the subject of many worldwide exhibitions in which they demonstrate their unique fantasyland to all of us. Their first significant artistic influence outside their immediate environment, and their limited access to American hip hop (Style Wars, Subway Art, Beat Street), stemmed from a chance encounter with Barry McGee (also known as Twist), who was in Brazil for several months on a study abroad program through the San Francisco Art Institute in 1993.

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