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About Urban Art Revolution


We  are a team of art lovers dedicated to presenting and publicizing contemporary artists who inspire, provoke and speak directly to our hearts from all corners of the globe. At the heart  of our existence is art that expresses creativity and freedom and at the same time causes us to ask and answer questions about ourselves and our world. Our mission is to support individual artists and art institutions at the same time.

We currently have  listed for sale quality prints and original artwork from both new or established artists. Urban Art provides endless possibilities of expressions that fill up our spaces and  lives. We want to encourage the appreciation and acquisition of fine art and crafts.

Our Urban Art Aficionados Blog brings together organizations, documentaries, articles, exhibitions and unconventional movements which are related to the Urban Art Revolution, an area of art which is exploding in the world today. The Blog embraces free-spirited  artists who are capable of communicating with all audiences and who make a difference in people's lives. We present  art and artists who are a step beyond convention!


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Angelica Walker has a Master of Laws  in International Law focused on Dispute Resolution and Art Law. She has been working with  art since she moved to New York, in 2007. She created UrbanArtRevolution to bring to the public new and refreshing perspectives of today's art. Everywhere she travels she scans the skyline to discover new art and the artists who make the art. 


Juliana Xeno  is a student from London, currently studying Politics, Spanish and Media Communications. She enjoys prowling the streets of London on the lookout for new and different examples of street art. Some of her favourite places include Shoreditch, Camden and LeakeStreet.


Carol Miranda is a brazilian lawyer with a big love for art and urban movement. Currently living in Tokyo, Japan, she is exploring and discovering japanese street artists and looking for western artists presence in Japan. Street art is an amazing way to make the appreciation of art more accessible to everyone and it inspires freedom and creativity, feelings difficult to talk about in the japanese culture. 


Carmen Ayres is a student of architecture and urban planning.  She is passionate about art and urban movement. Exploring the world and  experiencing new journeys motivate her.  Among her many projects, she is part of the Urban Art Revolution team and she develops graphic material to promote urban art and artists.


Sarah Mesquita is an engineer from Sao Paulo working with innovation.  Sarah is propelled by  the creativity and imagination of the street art landscape, especially how artists depict contemporary social issues expanding public awareness about people's roots and culture. She understands that street art is an expression of those whose voices often are unheard by society.

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